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Animal-attached Neurologger records behavior and electrophysiological data into its own memory.

Neurologger 1

neurologger-1. EEG, ECG, EOG, EMG. 8 neurophysiological channels
  • For large animals
  • 8 differential neurophysiological channels (EEG, ECG, EOG, EMG)
    three of which can be used for 3-D accelerometer
  • 5.31 g recorder weight + ~9 g typical battery replica handbags
  • Total weight about 15 g without enclosure
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Neurologger 2A

neurologger-2afor mice and larger animals4 neurophysiological channelsEEG, ECG, EOG, EMG, LFPsneuronal activity
  • For mice and larger animals
  • 4 neurophysiological channels with sampling rate up to 19.2 kHz
    for EEG, ECG, EOG, EMG, LFPs and neuronal activity
  • 3-D accelerometer
  • Infrared (IR) synchronization with external equipment
  • The recorder weight in the most complete configuration is 1.71 g
    + ~1 g typical battery weight makes total weight 2.71 g.
    The battery holder can add 0.63 g.
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Neurologger 2B

neurologger-2Bsound and neuronal activity, ultrasonic recoring
  • Enhanced version with increased data rates
  • 4 channels with sampling rate up to 33.3 kHz for sound and neuronal activity recording
  • Single-channel 200 kHz mode for ultrasound recording
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Neurologger 3

neurologger-332-channel neuronal recording in mice, rats
  • Multichannel neuronal recording in mice, rats, etc.
  • 3-D accelerometer, 3-D gyroscope, 3-D magnetic compass for locomotion recording.
  • Weight of depicted combination with 32-channel Omnetics connector 1.96 g.
  • It can collect 1.25 h of neuronal data being powered from 1.05 g battery.
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Smallest in the world battery-powered optogenetic stimulator


  • Only 0.59 g including the battery and one light emitter
  • Ideal for small laboratory animals (mice, rats, etc.) and songbirds (zebra finches, canaries, etc.)
  • Supports up to 4 independently controlled light emitting diodes (LEDs)


Neurologger 2A/2B with integrated 4-channel optogenetic stimulator


  • Records brain activity (4 channels up to 33 kHz sampling) together with activation or suppression of up to 4 brain areas
  • Designed for use with mice, rats and other laboratory animals


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  • Records neuronal brain activity and indoor positional data
  • Simultaneous tracking of multiple animals is possible.
  • Sub-centimeter accuracy of position determination
  • Fast sampling rate of position
  • Head/body orientation is recorded
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neurologger synchronizer
  • The tool for precise synchronization of Neurologgers of all generations with external equipment
  • USB interface seen as a serial communication port in software
  • Analog input with adjustable threshold for synchronization by a pattern of TTL or audio pulses
  • Analog output for optional monitoring or recording of synchronizing events
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brain stimulation
  • Brain stimulation of the laboratory animals
  • Internal pulse generator and optical isolation of the input
  • Optimized for minimization of electrical interferences (artifacts) during recording of neuronal activity by high-impedance electrodes
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object recognition task
  • Holeboard-based novel object recognition task
  • Mouse can discriminate between holes in the floor with different shapes and/or between different floor materials.
  • Recording nosepoke activity with a help of infrared beams under the floor
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Neurologger is a registered trademark.
Protected by U.S. patents #8,160,688; #9,492,085; #11,134,864. Other patents pending.